We want to help build a better LG for ALL shareholders. To help restore investor trust and improve the Company’s financial position, we believe LG should take the following actions:

  1. The Board should immediately prioritize the implementation of a Capital Management Plan to address one of the largest discounts to asset value of any major publicly traded company globally.
    • We believe the Board should focus on implementing a Capital Management Plan that addresses the significant undervaluation of LG’s share price in relation to its asset value. The Company’s Capital Management Plan has been delayed time and again, despite its importance to minority shareholders and LG’s prospects.
  1. LG should immediately cease the current transaction as constructed and delay succession planning until the share price of the Company more accurately reflects the value of its assets.
    • We believe the Spin-Off does not achieve its stated objective of streamlining LG’s businesses or enhancing corporate value and therefore, should be terminated.
  1. The Board should create a Corporate Governance Committee to assess material corporate actions and related party transactions to ensure all shareholders are treated equally and fairly.
    • We believe that establishing a Corporate Governance Committee – comprised of truly independent directors with minority shareholder representation – would go a long way to restoring investor trust and confidence.